Nine Fresh- Affordable and Delicious Taiwanese Desserts

Nine Fresh is a humble local chain where you can indulge in affordable and delicious Taiwanese desserts. No, they are not only having nine fresh desserts as the name suggests, but instead pairs the clever wordplay from a very picturesque and serene … Continue reading

The Rabbit Hole- A Cosy and Creative Salad Bar

The Rabbit Hole aims to offer its customers a unique and interesting salad experience. It encompasses a cosy café-styled diner appeal instead of the usual stern looking green and white outlook which most salad bars portrays. This appeal is more … Continue reading

Scrumptious At The Turf- A Homely Place to Indulge in Western Comfort Food

Located at The Grandstand, Scrumptious At The Turf is a place where you can indulge in hearty Western comfort food. The interior decor of Scrumptious At The Turf is simple and minimal which allows diners to feel cosy and relaxed. It is … Continue reading

Montana Brew Bar- A Cosy and Stylish Coffee Brew Bar

Montana Brew Bar is a cosy and stylish coffee brew bar newly opened at PoMo. This Sydney-inspired coffeehouse serves a wide range of items, specialising in their waffles and coffee. Although Montana Brew Bar is centrally located, it is pocket-friendly which makes it a … Continue reading

Café Insa-dong- Where Desserts Meet Art

Insa-dong is located in the heart of Seoul, where the streets bustle with their traditional culture, crafts and FOOD! It is a quaint neighborhood filled with boutique galleries, exquisite tea houses, street stalls, restaurants and cafes. Hoping to portray a culture … Continue reading